Zoho SalesIQ: Boost Conversions with 24/7 Live Chat


Zoho SalesIQ, a dynamic customer engagement platform, redefines the landscape of online interactions by seamlessly integrating intelligent live chat features. With Zoho SalesIQ, businesses can transcend traditional boundaries and establish real-time connections with their website visitors, fostering meaningful engagements that drive conversions. This comprehensive solution offers 24/7 live chat capabilities, ensuring constant accessibility for businesses to connect with their audience, address queries, and guide prospects through the sales funnel. Zoho SalesIQ goes beyond conventional live chat, providing valuable insights through features like visitor tracking, analytics, and proactive chat initiation. This platform empowers businesses to elevate their customer support, streamline lead generation, and enhance the overall user experience. Zoho SalesIQ stands as a powerful ally for enterprises seeking to leverage proactive and intelligent live chat solutions to boost customer engagement and satisfaction and ultimately, drive success in the digital realm.

Zoho SalesIQ: Exceptional Customer Engagement

Zoho SalesIQ stands at the forefront of customer engagement, positioning itself as an exceptional customer engagement platform. This versatile platform transcends traditional communication boundaries, offering businesses a comprehensive suite of tools to elevate customer interactions. As a dynamic customer engagement platform, it integrates intelligent features like live chat, visitor tracking, and analytics to provide businesses with profound insights into customer behaviour.

Understanding the intricacies of visitor interactions allows businesses to proactively engage with their audience, offer personalized assistance, and guide potential customers through the sales journey. What sets it apart is its commitment to an exceptional user experience. The platform’s 24/7 live chat ensures constant accessibility, enabling businesses to connect with their audience anytime, anywhere.

Beyond reactive support, it empowers businesses to initiate proactive chat conversations based on user behaviour, enhancing the likelihood of conversion. Zoho SalesIQ serves as a cornerstone in the realm of customer engagement, offering businesses a robust customer engagement platform that not only meets but exceeds the evolving expectations of today’s digitally connected consumers.

Website Visitor Tracking

Elevate your customer engagement with Zoho SalesIQ’s cutting-edge visitor tracking system, a feature designed to offer a profound understanding of your website visitors. This robust tool provides a real-time view of your audience, intelligently sorted into distinct priority sections aligned with your customized criteria. SalesIQ empowers you with invaluable insights into visitor behaviour, delivering a comprehensive overview of their actions, preferences, and engagement patterns.

The real-time sorting ensures that you focus your attention on high-priority visitors, whether they are potential leads, existing customers, or key stakeholders. This strategic segmentation based on your specific criteria enables you to optimize your interactions and resources for maximum impact, ultimately enhancing your overall customer engagement strategy.

SalesIQ’s visitor tracking transcends conventional analytics by providing detailed information, including visitor names, locations, time spent on the site, and pages visited. Armed with this comprehensive data, you can tailor your approach, anticipate visitor needs, and create a personalized customer experience that resonates. Zoho SalesIQ’s visitor tracking system is a powerful ally in navigating the digital landscape, offering businesses the tools they need to adapt, engage, and build meaningful connections with their online audience.

Reach every visitor with chatbots

Creating a powerful chatbot is no longer the exclusive domain of coding experts, thanks to Zoho SalesIQ’s user-friendly features. The codeless bot builder, with its intuitive UI, empowers users to effortlessly construct a bot’s flow and define responses and actions. No coding wizardry is needed—just a straightforward process of designing interactions.

For those inclined towards coding intricacies, SalesIQ offers Zobot’s programming interface, granting full control over the chatbot’s behaviour. Coders can delve deep into customization, tailoring the chatbot precisely to their specifications. Additionally, SalesIQ integrates seamlessly with AI technologies such as IBM Watson, Dialogflow, and Zia Skills. This enables users to infuse their bots with advanced intelligence, enhancing their capabilities.

SalesIQ goes a step further by allowing users to connect their bots to internal services and databases using webhooks. This integration facilitates a seamless flow of information, ensuring that the chatbot is a dynamic and well-informed virtual assistant. For a comprehensive approach, SalesIQ encourages the fusion of AI and guided chatbots. Users can effortlessly create hybrid chatbots by integrating their Answer Bot into a codeless or programmed bot built using Zobot. This amalgamation leverages the unique advantages of both AI and guided interactions, resulting in a versatile and intelligent chatbot tailored to diverse user preferences.

Choose the best mode for customer communication

SalesIQ introduces a range of powerful communication tools, including the innovative Voice Note feature, providing visitors with the ability to share intricate queries through in-chat voice messages. This functionality enhances communication efficiency, allowing for detailed responses without the need for lengthy text.

The platform further facilitates dynamic interactions with its Audio Call feature, enabling the initiation of voice calls or allowing customers to reach out seamlessly from within the chat window. This streamlined process eliminates the need for additional hardware, software downloads, or extensions, ensuring a hassle-free communication experience for both parties.

SalesIQ takes customer support to the next level with the Screen Share capability, allowing agents to share their screens for step-by-step guidance through complex explanations. Additionally, customers can reciprocate by sharing their screens, enabling a more comprehensive understanding of the issues they encounter.

For a hands-on approach to problem-solving, SalesIQ integrates a Remote Access feature powered by Zoho Assist. This functionality empowers support agents to request access to customers’ systems, facilitating efficient issue resolution by taking control remotely. In essence, SalesIQ’s comprehensive communication features, including voice notes, audio calls, screen sharing, and remote access, create a robust and versatile environment for delivering exceptional customer support.

Effectively manage contacts in both B2C and B2B

Sales IQ provides powerful categorization for both business-to-customer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) interactions, streamlining visitor management on your website. In the B2C context, Sales IQ categorizes visitors as leads and contacts based on the availability of their email addresses. This feature provides a comprehensive view, showcasing their recent activity and past chat interactions, aiding in personalized engagement.

In B2B scenarios, where interactions involve multiple contacts within an organization, Sales IQ’s AI-powered profile enrichment identifies visitors’ companies through their work email addresses. This intelligent system categorizes all contacts from the same organization together, presenting publicly available information, activity history, and chat records for a holistic view.

Sales IQ also seamlessly integrates with third-party software, extending its functionality and compatibility. This allows businesses to leverage additional insights and data enrichment tools to enhance their understanding of website visitors, regardless of whether they operate in a B2C or B2B model. With Sales IQ, businesses can efficiently manage and categorize contacts, fostering more personalized and informed interactions across various business scenarios.

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